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1501621480img_5958.jpgFamily living in a house.

Unkempt headshot
1501169093img_5868.jpgUnkempt Headshot
Resized small

Isa and I and haika sunset
1501179442img_5878.jpgPrettiest sunset of the year. Santa Monica Beach.

Bearings from lion whisker's motor
1483319380img_3038.jpgmotor bearings

Lucas Lee's Z4
1456705775image.jpgLucas Lee's Z4

Lucas Lee's Z4 transmission
1456705965image.jpgLucas Lee's Z4 Transmission

R8 custom air flow duct
1446709718image.jpgR8 custom air flow duct

The Foam Pushes on...
1315368841the foam pushes on.jpgWith the loss of their bassist and drummer, Isa and Luke keep the foam alive playing here at the Airliner in Los Angeles on September 1st. The foam will be playing the Airliner again this coming Sunday evening at 9pm.

Photo by Deuce Janisch

1305249977pyrofoam.jpgPapafoam lights the stage on fire during Kill Die at the Talking Stick May 7th, 2011.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

1305250118guitar sexplosion.jpgPyrotechnics display by Pornslide Nault and Luke during Kill Die.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Pornslide on Fire
1305250167pornslide on fire.jpgDan's burning it up on bass.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Isa and Luke sing in harmony.
1305250265i wish you knew.jpgPapafoam performing "I Wish You Knew".

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Luke tearing it up.
1305250368luke tearing up bruce.jpgLuke's guitar "Bruce" getting licked during Isabel's 30th birthday party rock concert May 7th, 2011.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

1305250445luke isa b&w.jpgBlack and White live portrait of Isa and Luke rocking your socks off.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Luke's latest Headshot
1270360441img_9873.jpgHere's a headshot Deuce Janisch took of me yesterday. I got an acting part, with a picture of myself I took with my cel phone and I needed a headshot to print. Since the director liked my look, i figured why not take a headshot of the way I looked at the audition for him. Bam, done.

Dan playin bass
1267071877dan bass.jpgHere's Dan playin what he play

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Dan smiles
1267072084dan smile.jpgDan "Pornslide" Nault rocks his bass during Monday's concert at Ireland's.

Deuce Janisch took this photo.

Justin Mills
1267072232justin sings.jpgJustin singing "I Wanna Kill You Before You Die!"

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Kill Die Energy
1267072305kill die energy.jpgPapafoam ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF with their hit "Kill Die".

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Kill Die energy 2
1267072401kill die energy2.jpgPapafoam: blowing people's minds... sorry about that.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Kill Die
1267072466kill die.jpgPapafoam: Kill Die. Live in concert.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Stupid face Luke drums away
1267072584luke drums.jpgconcentrating hard, I play the chorus of "Run Around Naked".

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Luke's pick is in his mouth
1267072767luke pick in mouth.jpgPhoto taken by Deuce Janisch.

Luke Playin Guitar
1267072856luke plays guitar.jpgLuke, doin what he do.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

The Lovers Living the Rockstar Life.
1267072982luke plays isa sings2.jpgLuke and Isabel Giving it to Ireland's with all their heart.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

1267073080luke surprise.jpg"YOU WONT SEE IT COMING, NO IT'LL BE A SURPRI------SE!!!"

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Papafoam at Ireland's Music Club
1267073158papafoam at irelands.jpgHere's a shot of the whole band. We're a giggin' band now!

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Blowin your mind. ppf style
1267073240ppf luke plays isa sings.jpgThat shit happens to us all the time!

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Buzzy jams with the foam.
1267073384ppf w jake.jpgJake "Buzzy" Jams along with Papafoam at Ireland's 32. Impromtu

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Run Around Naked shot of the Band
1267073511run around naked band shot.jpgPapafoam rocks the crowd with their hit "Run Around Naked". The crowd stripped off most of their clothing during this one. Hey, they can't help themselves, that shit happens when you rock out live with Papafoam!

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Snydey. Papafoam's Drummer.
1267073586snydey drumn.jpgSnydey doin what he do.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Snydey Multitasking Musician
1267073686snydey drums and sings.jpgSnydey demonstrating his multitasking musical abilities during Flash Flood or Lotion. Drumming and singing at the same time!

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Snydey Givin' it to you!
1267073842snydey givin it to the cam.jpgSnydey happens to notice Deuce with the cam in the plethora of raging papafoam fans that filled Ireland's 32 Monday night. I heard there was a record sales of alcohol broke. Hmmm... Papafoam in town... coincedence maybe?

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

Snydey sings with the band
1267073962snydey sings w band.jpgSnydey filling the fans' minds with righteous morals through compelling music and charismatic lyrics.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

1267075097bass drum head.jpgPapafoam rocked out a half hour set during Music Club at Ireland's 32 oon Monday night. We're a gigging band now! Get a hold of Luke if you want to see us live! Snydey had this sweet decal put on the front of his bass drum right before the show.

Photo taken by Deuce Janisch.

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Vegas Eiffel Glow
1265108203photo200.jpgTaken from my celphone.

Hollywood Gangsta
1266517968lukecarhollywood.jpgHere's Luke on the first day he bought his new Audi in 2004. He had to take a pic to send to the parents to show it off.

Just yesterday, Isabel (Luke's gf) was bored in class and photoshopped the pic into this cool little work.

Eureka Tower in Melbourne
1265107395cimg4438.jpgDigital Photo.

Eureka Tower in Melbourne from Base
1265107471cimg4504.jpgDigital Photo

Sky 1
1265107598cimg4552.jpgTaken from the 88th floor of Eureka.

Sky 2
1265107655cimg4553.jpgTaken from the 88th floor of Eureka.

Sky 3
1265107701cimg4554.jpgTaken from the 88th floor of Eureka.

Skydeck Lobby
1265107836cimg4564.jpgThe ground floor Lobby for the skydeck tour at Eureka in Melbourne.

Renegade Mach 1
1265106584cimg3718.jpgPaul Miller and I dress up my 1971 Mach 1 Mustang to play a post apocolyptic villain's ride in a short film about Mad Max.

The Interceptor
1265106997cimg3858.jpgMad Max's Car in the short film "Mad Max Renegade". Paul Miller built it.

Drag Torture
1265107122cimg3832.jpgI dragged this girl around to torture her, but she died.

1265106785cimg3899.jpgSampson gets ready to Play ball.

Isa Portrait
1265106867cimg3886.jpgIsa does her hair for our Halloween Rock Concert.

1266519642cimg3270.jpgIsabel was tinkering around with my EX-F1 and she caught this guy taking pictures of his family. He happens to be the owner of POWERBALANCE. Check it out at powerbalance.net if you want.

1266520002cimg2642.jpgIsabel took this of my cat Nigeria.

1266519491cimg0940.jpgI always get a kick out of sperm logos. This one was on the top of the Thousand Oaks Arts center.

Carson Clouds
1266519728dsc00787.jpgA standard beautiful Carson City, NV sunset.

1265105600hard rock ob vegas 010.jpgDigital Photo.

1265105646hard rock ob vegas 016.jpgDigital photo.

Magic Hour Nature
1265106174winter 2006_07 188.jpgBirch Trees in a Circuit City Parking lot in Van Nuys get lit up by Magic hour.

1265108938ginaspace.jpgWent down to the beach with my sister, friend Troy, and Gina. The sunset was beautiful, and I've always had a thing for silhouettes in front of beautiful light. Gina, being a dancer, was a better model than I could've paid for!

Color Circles
1265106298winter 2006_07 193.jpgChristmas lights strung about on my bedframe and around my window react to a slow shutterspeed and circular camera movement.

Church in Shoaks
1265105714img_1764.jpgThe view from my Laundromat.

My First Car in Cali
1265105479audi a4 003.jpgI bought a car. I had to send mom and dad a pic. And so I had to do it right!

Laguna Kissouette
1265105925kissing in laguna.jpgGina and I kiss on our Laguna Beach hotel balcony.

Headshot 2003
1265108498luke2b&w.jpgI took my own headshot. I felt it made more sense that way, me being a film maker and all.

Above the Clouds
1265105827img_2035.jpgA view from the plane.