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Drawing for corvette design
1418024736image.jpgDrawing design blueprint for model RC corvette.

Female Curves
1265083578drawing_femalecurves.jpgInk on paper. 24"x 36".

Erin Looking Away
1265079868drawing_erin lookaway.jpgA Drawing of my girlfriend Erin Pederson. Pencil on paper. 10 minutes.

Erin Working
1265083443drawing_erin working.jpgDrawing of my girl friend Erin. Pencil on paper. 10 mins.

drawing_erin working.jpg
1265083834drawing_i jessica.jpgPencil on paper. 10 mins.

1265101644drawing_i sprawl.jpgWax Crayon and Pencil on paper. 5 mins.

Shop Male
1265102784drawing_shop male.jpgPencil and Crayon on paper. 5 mins.

Shop Nude
1265102865drawing_shop nude.jpgPencil on paper.

No Model Today
1265102341drawing_no model today 2.jpgCharcoal and Watercolor on paper.

Kristen Sleeping
1265101912drawing_kristen sleeping.jpgPencil on paper.

Figure Light Study
1265102258drawing_charcoal figure light study.jpgCharcoal on paper.

1265101980drawing_lara.jpgPencil on paper.

Nude Swimmer
1265102435drawing_nude swimmer.jpgPencil on paper.

1265102941drawing_tatoo.jpgInk pen on paper.

1265103025drawing_waits.jpgColored Pencil and Charcoal on Paper.

OB Contour Line
1265102533drawing_ob contour line.jpgPen on Paper. 1997

1265101824drawing_kalidascope.jpgColored Pencil

1265102595drawing_scratch board.jpgScratchboard. 1996

Line Rule
1265102084drawing_line rule.jpgPen and paper. 1994

Whoopie Goldberg
1265103107drawing_whoopi goldberg.jpgPencil on Posterboard. 1993

Marty Sniffing Frog
1265102177drawing_marty pastel.jpgPastels on paper. 1992