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Baila Baila - Elefante
Baila Baila - Elefante

Learn to count to ten with Baila Baila.

I directed and edited this short web vid, the 7th in the BB webisodes series.

Lion Whisker - Validation
Lion Whisker - Validation

The 3rd Episode in the Lion Whisker series, takes place at the lake, the same place as the 2nd episode. Just after finishing the ultimate speed challenge of getting around the lake in less than a minute, La Panthera Leo throws a curve ball at Lion Whisker and tells him to do it in 50 seconds! Also included are out-takes from the first 3 iconic episodes of the new hit show - Lion Whisker!

All music by Dan Negovan with the exception of the first 30 seconds which is the track "Casino" from the motion picture Run Lola Run, and the final 2:10 which is the track "Loose Strings" from the band Papafoam.

Written, shot, and edited by Luke Bluske. Shot on a Casio EX-F1, Kodak Sport, and iphone 5s at Kenneth Hahn Park in Los Angeles, CA.

La Panthera Leo - Marlo

Lion Whisker Mod
RC CAR: Exceed 1/8 scale Mad Drift Brushless RE
Bought an RC car for the first time this January because when christmas shopping for my 5 year old nephew and 7 year old niece, i noticed how cool RC has become since i was a kid. I had to get one myself. I settled on this one, and went to work making it my own original. This is the video of how my Mad Drift became... LION WHISKER

Lion Whisker - Bravery - Episode 1
Lion Whisker, interested in beginning his Legacy of a True Lion meets with The Chosen One to begin his training. The Chosen One is skeptical of Lion Whisker's worth thus sending Lion Whisker on a mission to prove his Bravery and therefore worth of being accepted by the Great Council of Cats.

Credit for the song goes to:
Lindsey Stirling http://www.youtube.com/user/lindseystomp

Lion Whisker - Teaser
This is a Teaser/Preview I made to get fans all psyched for the 2nd Episode in the Lion Whisker Series which will be titled "Velocity".

Lion Whisker - Velocity
Lion Whisker - Velocity

After proving his Bravery to The Chosen One, Lion Whisker is accepted to begin training with La Panthera Leo. The Chosen One sends Lion Whisker on a journey to meet La Panthera Leo and begin his training to become a true lion.

Shot by Luke Bluske
Starring: Lion Whisker, Chosie, Marlo


Gus Gus - Anthem
Casino - Run Lola Run Soundtrack
Adrenaline - iLife '09 (free use)

Making a profit from these videos is in no way my intention and therefore crediting the two artists' (Gus Gus and the Run Lola Run Soundtrack) and/or the music rights' owners of whom I've borrowed amazing music from shall, in my hopes, persuade them to not seek vengeance apon me for the use of their music in this film. Thank you for understanding.

Meet Lion Whisker
This was my Chirstmas present to myself this year. I was shopping for a cool christmas present for my niece and nephew and came across rc toys. I ended up buying an rc crane for my nephew and an rc helicopter for my niece... that wasn't enough, i dove right in and now own an 1/8 scale Exceed Mad Drift Brushless RE. It is so sick! I spent quite a few hours modifying it. Playing with these toys is only half the fun, building/fixing/modifying them is the other half. Check my videos for the modify!

Mad Max Renegade
This is Paul C. Miller's film. He wrote, produced, directed, and edited it. I starred as the villain and my car (The Mach 1) starred in the film as well. The project turned out to be a fun little action short. Enjoy watching me in front of the camera.

Anime Eyes

Anime Eyes from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is my hand painting anime eyes on Isabel. She wanted to be an anime character for Halloween and so I painted her a pair of eyes. Then I did it again for another Halloween party on Saturday. And then I did it this third time for the actual Halloween night, and it was this third time that we decided to make a timelapse video of the painting. Enjoy.

Moss was traded back to Minnesota and I made an attempt at a viral video for this weekend.

Fire Bad Chronology

Fire Bad Chronology from Matt Bluske on Vimeo.

Good news Actionbone fans! Actionbone videos can be embedded directly into Actionbone.com so you do not have to link to a video hosting site to watch some great action.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, watch Fire Bad Chronology, the composite film of the Beyond the Still contest winners from chapters 1-3 followed by Fire Bad, the best submission from chapter 4. Watch it right here embedded in Actionbone!

Fire Bad Now Available

Fire Bad from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

We have submitted Fire Bad to vimeo.com's Behind the Still contest. Click the image to watch Fire Bad! Also check out the first 3 chapters and learn more about the contest here:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Contest Info

The Brickhouse Bomber

Brickhouse Bomber from Matt Bluske on Vimeo.

Inspired by a late 90's Lego animation series starring Corporal Dan of the E-Town Police, Matt puts his heart and soul into creating this little 10 minute masterpiece about a Lego man crook who gets himself in and out of all sorts of trouble with Lego cops. I love it!

Luke In Space
Photobooth recreation of 2001 A Space Odyssey in 30 seconds.

Gang Fight 5 Introduction
A short introduction with the film makers of Gang Fight 5. (watch this just before GF5)

Gang Fight 5
6 minute short film action/comedy/spoof. Brett Favre's retirement has a catastrophic effect on this fan's life. A Kung Fu brawl entails in the style of No budget highschool Bluske productions and Steve Oedekerk's Kung Pow.

Knocked the F Out
Knocked the F out - watch more funny videos
Little practice project for a short called Gang Fight 5. You can see it here.

One punch misses, one counter punch lands.


Inamorata from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is a short film Written and Produced by Daniel Palkowski. Shot in Milwaukee, WI in the spring of 2007. I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing the character Luke plays. This film is kind of out there in right field, and is a bit artsy for Luke's normal taste. Co-Directed by Dan and Luke and then edited by Luke Bluske.

1235206266caligo.jpgThis dark short film was Directed and Edited by Daniel Rangel whom also starred in the flick. I was the director of cinematography.

Gang Fight 4

Gang Fight 4 from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

When Brett Favre and Robert Brooks of the Packers fail to connect on what could've been a game winning TD pass, some extra curricular activity ensues.
Another old school Bluske Production classic from the 90's here.

No Remorse

No Remorse from Matt Bluske on Vimeo.

Watch the Bluske Productions classic again now available on Vimeo. Click the picture to link to the movie!

Bruce Johnson foils a robbery attempt of career thief Jack Sampson. Sampson vows revenge and hunts Johnson down until Johnson has no place left to run.

Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice from Matt Bluske on Vimeo.

Loaded Dice is a short film of the action/comedy genre. It is definitely intended for males in their teens and early 20's. The film has an extremely novice feel to it which was intentional. All the actors are amateur and most of them have never even recited lines in front of a camera before. Due to the decisions we made about casting and shooting, the film has a very campy and cheesey style. Before viewing Loaded Dice you should prepare yourself for an 80's Arnold movie with a thousand dollar budget. An ice cold case of beer and a bunch of your friends would be a great accompaniment. The movie contains lots of cheesey violence and bad language as well.

Loaded Dice Preview
a preview for Loaded Dice. Go to the short films page in the Gallery to watch Loaded Dice.

Loaded Dice Trailer
Another Trailer for the action film. See if you can beat the odds with LOADED DICE!
Watch the film on the short films page.

The Definition of Golf

The Definition of Golf from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

A short film Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Luke Bluske. Assistant Director Eddie Green was a tremendous help on set as well as in post production. Together we learned a lot, made some friends, and came away with a funny little short while spending just a few coins. This film starring Tom Bry and Justin Mills was made in the summer of 2003 in Palm Springs, CA. The Definition of Golf is a dark graphic comedy that depicts how it actually feels to play the sport of golf. It was inspired by Robin Williams' stand up sketch on the origin of golf in which you will see here in the first two minutes of the video.

Wrath Unknown
This was my first ever Hollywood Film. Meaning, it's the first movie I made since I came out to LA. Daniel Rangel was my roommate at the time and he, as you'll see, is a very good actor. He took some film school classes when he was in college and we were discussing what assignments are like and I was intrigued. He gave me a film school type assignment. It was to make a 5 minute film with no dialogue, and I have to use the monkey (as he handed me a stuffed sock monkey). I took the assignment and about an hour later I said, "Okay I'm ready. Danny, will you be my actor?" He agreed and we began shooting. We shot for about 3 hours and then I went to work editing over the next week.

Fatal Error

Fatal Error from Matt Bluske on Vimeo.

Retired Special Ops Commando John Dawson is forced back into action one more time by his commanding officer Jerry Stax. Stax, a weapons dealer, forces Dawson to steal top secret Pentagon missile launch codes so he can sell missiles to Colombian drug king pin Carlos Monte for drugs and cash. Once Dawson figures out the plan, he concocts a plan of his own to stop Stax once and for all.

Fatal Error is a tribute to 80s action movies such as Commando including all the trademark signatures such as guns, explosions, great one-liners, and a lot of killing.