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Mod Overkill Part 4 - Custom Front Fenders
Mod Overkill Part 4 - Custom Front Fenders

Part 4 of a continuing mod video series of how I've modified my 1/8 on road race car for severely abusive RC bashing sessions. In this episode I approach how to defend my front steering arms from breaking, a common problem with the Exceed Mad Drift.

Lion Whisker EPISODE 4: Lion Whisker's 1st Race
Lion Whisker EPISODE 4: Lion Whisker's 1st Race

Special Thanks to Bill DeLong and Utrak as quality consultants to Lion Whisker aiding in his journey to greatness. This episode of Lion Whisker goes out to you two.

Lion Whisker made his debut in RC racing. In a one on one 2 lap off road challenge, the Whisk takes on "Slash" a 1/10 scale short course truck on a ball diamond where the finish line lies just over the pitcher's mound.

Music by Papafoam

The BFGC Iowa Playoff
Welcome to the BFGC. The Bluske Family Golf Championship in Des Moines, Iowa at the Urbandale Country Club on May 25th, 2014 saw the first ever BFGC Playoff!

Video Shot by Isabel Brazon on her iphone with live golf commentary by Lee Bluske on his iphone, edited by yours truely of course.

Lion Whisker - MOD OVERKILL - Part 1 - Lasers
I thought it'd be cool to have an RC car WITH LASER BEAMS SHOOTING OUT OF IT! So I set about modding my 1/8 scale 350Z named Lion Whisker. This is sort of a What-not-to-do video because I ran into some unforeseen problems with this project.


Supermarket (Super Clemek Remix) - Tom Tykwer - Run Lola Run Soundtrack
Casino (Solid State Remix) - Tom Tykwer - Run Lola Run Soundtrack

MOD OVERKILL Part 2 Servo and Tailpipes
MOD OVERKILL Part 2 Servo and Tailpipes

In this episode I show what damage happened from an accident, how I repaired it, and what I did to add my custom tailpipes to improve the aesthetics of the rear of the rc car.

Mod Overkill Part 3 - Cockpit Cam
Mod Overkill Part 3 - Cockpit Cam

I installed a first person point of view cam in my 1/8th scale RC car. Here's how I did it.

Lion Whisker Mod
RC CAR: Exceed 1/8 scale Mad Drift Brushless RE
Bought an RC car for the first time this January because when christmas shopping for my 5 year old nephew and 7 year old niece, i noticed how cool RC has become since i was a kid. I had to get one myself. I settled on this one, and went to work making it my own original. This is the video of how my Mad Drift became... LION WHISKER

Thanksgiving in LA 2013
Gary and Leeann came to visit Isa and Luke in LA for Thanksgiving weekend. We had a traditional dinner, then went to Oceanside, CA, ate burgers and bowled, played in a golf sramble at Westlake Village Golf Course where Leeann won a closest to the pin! We played Wii Golf in the mornings for breakfast. Baila Baila performed a rock concert in Eagle Rock. We watched Breaking Bad, went for an epic bike ride on the beach, and saw The Toledo Show at Harvelle's in Santa Monica. Good times. I wanted to see what my new iphone 5s could do for me as a camera so i made this with it.

Sandlow at Spanish Bay
Aaron Sandlow, "The Wizard" shows you a taste of what he can do in the Clutch up on the Monterey Peninsula at Pebble Beach Resorts' Spanish Bay golf course. Later in the day Sandlow showed us all how its done at Pebble Beach like a man amongst boys.

California Campsite
This is a Short Documentary of the fun we had this weekend.

Friends hike up the Sespe riverbed in California, set up camp, and have fun of epic proportions in the wilderness. No rules, no boundaries, no problems... except for the ones we create and love.

Cool music by Alas the Destroyer

Supe Trip part 2

Supe Trip part 2 from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is a continuation of Supe Trip part 1 (to be watched immediately following part 1).

Superbowl Sunday, the game, and the aftermath.


Supe Trip part 1

Supe Trip part 1 from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

"No matter where we are, what our lives look like, how we have to get there... Next time the Packers go to the Superbowl, we're going too!" That was the pact that was made between us college buddies back in the late 90's after realizing we missed out on some golden opportunities with our favorite team going to the Superbowl. This is part 1 of the documentary telling the story of the next time the Packers went to the Superbowl (Feb 2011) and how we all fulfilled our promise in the pact.


2010 Arrowhead Invitational Championship

2010 Arrowhead Championship (a) from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is the Championship golf match between Wade Walters and Alex Kolquist in the 2010 Arrowhead Invitational golf tournament at Ridgeview Country Club in Duluth, Minnesota. This is an epic match play battle that goes down to the wire. Enjoy.

24 Hours on a Film Set
Watch as Barnes & Noble transforms into a... BOOKSTORE! and then back again. It's always amazing at how many thousands upon thousands of dollars are wasted when making a TV commercial.

Enjoy this 24 hour time lapse in under a couple mins.

The Real Queerantine
The Real Queerantine - watch more funny videos
Director Kerry O'Quinn and Producer Justin Kornmann team up to make a funny parody short film inspired from the trailer for the feature film Quarantine crossed with California's proposition 8's Yes voters who some how successfully made it illegal for same sex couples to marry. This behind-the-scenes video gives you the inside scoop on the parody short. Click the pic to watch.

Check out the latest on the Bluske family. We had a baptism in the family, bro Matt had a baby boy, Jean, and so the whole family got together in 'Sconi for some family fun. Poker/Gambling ensued, of course. I documented one of the games with my sweet Casio EX-F1 camera in HD. Here it is.

Making the ESPY's

Making the ESPY's from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is a little behind the scenes video that shows a timelapse photography sequence of a couple days of filming JUST the comedic insert footage for the 2006 espys. It gives you an inside view on the unbelievable amount of work that actually goes into filming a TV special.

Arabian Nights Timelapse

Arabian Nights Timelapse from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is another timelapse photography series of a commercial production that I worked on in the art department. My boss kept getting pissed at me for moving/setting up the camera for the timelapse shots in which later he totally appreciated.

A Day in the Life of Dan

A Day in the Life of Dan from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This video was a Christmas gift from my friend Dan to his parents in December of 2004 showing them what his life was like in LA. He had moved out about a year earlier and they hadn't seen him since so he sent them this video showing his job as a PA, the LA traffic, etc.

The 2002 Wilber Scramble

The Wilber Scramble from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is a 2 man golf scramble that takes place in Trempealeau Mountain Golf Club in Trempealeau, WI every August. In a two man scramble, both you and your partner his golf shots, and then choose the better shot and go on and do the same from there until you're in the hole. This particular video takes you through the experience had by two teams: The Lee & Dovey team; and the Styles & Luke team. The two teams battled right down to the final hole in the 2002 Wilber Scramble. Matt Bluske shot this video and I edited it. This was the first editing project I ever did.
Spring 2003