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Baila Baila Band Sampler
Shot on a couple of iphones that were placed on shelves at this preschool, I chopped up a nice little demo reel of what the Baila Baila Band brings to the table when hired.

Isa on lead vocals and guitar
Rico on drums
Luke on bass
Daniela dancing

Baila Baila Demo
This is a demo video giving you a taste of the services you can expect when you hire Baila Baila to teach Spanish to your children.

I shot and edited this video. Isabel wrote and performed the music.

The Baila Baila band playing El Elefante live. One of many songs the kids just go nuts over.

Elana shot this video with my camera (since I had to play bass in the band) and I edited it. Isabel wrote and performed the music, with Eric Sarmiento playing drums.

Anime Eyes

Anime Eyes from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is my hand painting anime eyes on Isabel. She wanted to be an anime character for Halloween and so I painted her a pair of eyes. Then I did it again for another Halloween party on Saturday. And then I did it this third time for the actual Halloween night, and it was this third time that we decided to make a timelapse video of the painting. Enjoy.

29 Mules

29 Mules from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is a short video about the Los Angeles country band 29 Mules. Shot and edited by Luke Bluske, the 5 minute video portrays the band's 3 known faces Casey Cannon-Singer-song writer, Xavier Gonzales-elec guitar extraodrinare, and Dave Spangler-harmonix deity and scat-tastic lyricist. The vid gives the viewer an inside point of view on who these guys are.

29 Mules - The Devil Stole my last $10

29 Mules - The Devil Stole My Last $10 from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

Casey Cannon and Xavier Gonzales put together the 29 Mules in search of some great garage country sound. They more than achieved their goals with this GREAT BAND! If you're in Los Angeles, you are lucky enough to catch them live, as they are constantly gigging around town. I shot and edited this 3 minute video.

I edited this video for the Mules on a moments notice. We didn't even shoot anything specifically for this video, I just used media that was already on my computer!

Danny Epper Stunts Reel

Danny Epper Stunts Reel from Matt Bluske on Vimeo.

Demo reel of Danny Epper, Hollywood stuntman. Clips from some of his work as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. He worked on such greats as The Rock, Excessive Force, and On Deadly Ground.

Westcoast Streetboards
Luke films street snowboarders doing their thing. Westcoast streetboarding is a cross between skateboarding and snowboarding. Enjoy this promotional video.

abbybruce choreography reel

abbybruce choreography reel from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This is a demo reel showing the choreography of Gina Badone and Lilian Manansala. I sliced and diced it all together. One of my finer editing works.

The Gitchi Girls Burlesque Show

The Gitchi Girls Burlesque Show from Matt Bluske on Vimeo.

Abby Bruce Company of Dance burlesque routine edited by Luke.

Experience LA

Experience LA from Luke Bluske on Vimeo.

This video is a little demo reel for Tom Bry. He was in contact with a travel show producer and thought he had a chance at hosting their show, so we whipped this up to use as a calling card.
Spring 2004