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1251450193my nose.jpgJune 5th, 2011

Luke Bluske was born in the quiet town of La Crosse, Wisconsin thirty years ago, and for thirty years the world has been holding its breath. Now, as the momentum of world events builds and the entertainment of revolution rises to a deafening decrescendo, Luke Bluske steps into the light.

A true man of the people, Luke grew up in the all-too-familiar suburban setting, living at or near home through his college years. Grabbing a typical B.S. Degree in Art or something like that from the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse, and promptly moved back in with his parents where he subplanted his morals and values as deep as he could before moving far away to a land of temptation as well as opportunity. He gathered his belongings, and crammed them in his ride--Westward Ho style. His relatively bleak beginnings belie the creative magma boiling just beneath the surface of his ruggedly handsome face. This webpage stands as a monument to that volcanic creativity.

Currently, Luke rocks out with a band called Papafoam, is on the verge of rolling in the Professional Bowlers Association, and he still works and lives in Hollywood (where he's been for the last 8 years) pursuing his life-long dream of being the best filmmaker ever. By night he toils away in his secret lair, churning out sweet ass project after sweet ass project. By day he humbles himself as a Teamster working for various TV shows, commercials, and films and whatever other odd job he scores to make the rent, watching . . . learning . . . plotting. With a likeable personality, an open mind, and an astounding sense of versatility, it's no wonder that demand for his skills is growing fast.

In his own words:
"All that action and no Jackson! Who cares? Love the journey you live!"