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by: lukeThursday, October 9th 2014 at 7:05PM
1412906742ash collage.jpgAsh

This is my homage to Ash from Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. This is my boomstick!

-"Ash" is made from solid cast aluminum
-stands about 3 feet tall.
-lives at my brother's house in Alburtis, PA (apparently used as a hat and bag rack)

note: you can see there's a chainsaw where his left hand used to be, and his left hand that haunts him in the movie Evil Dead 2 is at the base of his feet along with the Book of the Dead "The Necronomicon".

by: lukeSaturday, September 27th 2014 at 7:47PM
Lion Whisker EPISODE 4: Lion Whisker's 1st Race

Special Thanks to Bill DeLong and Utrak as quality consultants to Lion Whisker aiding in his journey to greatness. This episode of Lion Whisker goes out to you two.

Lion Whisker made his debut in RC racing. In a one on one 2 lap off road challenge, the Whisk takes on "Slash" a 1/10 scale short course truck on a ball diamond where the finish line lies just over the pitcher's mound.

Music by Papafoam

by: lukeFriday, June 27th 2014 at 12:21AM
Shot on a couple of iphones that were placed on shelves at this preschool, I chopped up a nice little demo reel of what the Baila Baila Band brings to the table when hired.

Isa on lead vocals and guitar
Rico on drums
Luke on bass
Daniela dancing

by: lukeFriday, June 20th 2014 at 2:45PM
Welcome to the BFGC. The Bluske Family Golf Championship in Des Moines, Iowa at the Urbandale Country Club on May 25th, 2014 saw the first ever BFGC Playoff!

Video Shot by Isabel Brazon on her iphone with live golf commentary by Lee Bluske on his iphone, edited by yours truely of course.

by: lukeSunday, April 13th 2014 at 6:40PM
Baila Baila - Elefante

Learn to count to ten with Baila Baila.

I directed and edited this short web vid, the 7th in the BB webisodes series.

by: lukeSunday, April 13th 2014 at 4:48PM
Mod Overkill Part 3 - Cockpit Cam

I installed a first person point of view cam in my 1/8th scale RC car. Here's how I did it.

by: lukeTuesday, April 8th 2014 at 10:01AM
MOD OVERKILL Part 2 Servo and Tailpipes

In this episode I show what damage happened from an accident, how I repaired it, and what I did to add my custom tailpipes to improve the aesthetics of the rear of the rc car.

by: lukeWednesday, April 2nd 2014 at 4:45PM
I thought it'd be cool to have an RC car WITH LASER BEAMS SHOOTING OUT OF IT! So I set about modding my 1/8 scale 350Z named Lion Whisker. This is sort of a What-not-to-do video because I ran into some unforeseen problems with this project.


Supermarket (Super Clemek Remix) - Tom Tykwer - Run Lola Run Soundtrack
Casino (Solid State Remix) - Tom Tykwer - Run Lola Run Soundtrack

by: lukeThursday, March 13th 2014 at 7:19PM
Lion Whisker - Validation

The 3rd Episode in the Lion Whisker series, takes place at the lake, the same place as the 2nd episode. Just after finishing the ultimate speed challenge of getting around the lake in less than a minute, La Panthera Leo throws a curve ball at Lion Whisker and tells him to do it in 50 seconds! Also included are out-takes from the first 3 iconic episodes of the new hit show - Lion Whisker!

All music by Dan Negovan with the exception of the first 30 seconds which is the track "Casino" from the motion picture Run Lola Run, and the final 2:10 which is the track "Loose Strings" from the band Papafoam.

Written, shot, and edited by Luke Bluske. Shot on a Casio EX-F1, Kodak Sport, and iphone 5s at Kenneth Hahn Park in Los Angeles, CA.

La Panthera Leo - Marlo

by: lukeMonday, February 24th 2014 at 6:44AM
Lion Whisker - Velocity

After proving his Bravery to The Chosen One, Lion Whisker is accepted to begin training with La Panthera Leo. The Chosen One sends Lion Whisker on a journey to meet La Panthera Leo and begin his training to become a true lion.

Shot by Luke Bluske
Starring: Lion Whisker, Chosie, Marlo


Gus Gus - Anthem
Casino - Run Lola Run Soundtrack
Adrenaline - iLife '09 (free use)

Making a profit from these videos is in no way my intention and therefore crediting the two artists' (Gus Gus and the Run Lola Run Soundtrack) and/or the music rights' owners of whom I've borrowed amazing music from shall, in my hopes, persuade them to not seek vengeance apon me for the use of their music in this film. Thank you for understanding.

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